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#Sonicyut is a public representation and image- shaping service offered to both individual artists and businesses. While it focuses on producing high quality visual projects incorporating photography, filmmaking, multimedia and design, it also offers booking, marketing and PR services for its clients. Functioning as a visual laboratory Sonicyut encompasses the creative minds of audio and visual artists, designers and writers to see through each project. Even if the approach to the projects challenges social norms and it's often radical, Sonicyut bases it's results on carefully thought and expert lead planning.

Universal Music (AU) | Menart (HR) | Rolling Stone Magazine (HR) | InMusic festival (HR) Idirekt Festival (HR) | Steel Skateboards (USA)

Mold Records (ITA) | Manntra (HR) | Lovely Quinces (HR) | Gustafi (HR) | Johnatan (HR) | Stray Dogg (SRB) | Marin J. Civro (HR) 

Baden Baden (HR) | Take Me Out (HR) | Side Project (HR) | Ana Čurćin (SRB) | The Leading Guy (ITA) | Tino Dobrić (HR ) 

The Orange Strips (HR) | Eleganza-Electronica (SLO) | Black Corrida (ITA) | Figli di Puff (ITA) | Kimiko (HR) 

Meant to Be (HR) | The Belle Infidels (HR) | Broken Ideas (HR) | Boris Zamba (HR) | Novalisi (ITA) 

The Moon Company (ITA) | Elephant and the Moon (HR) | Balans (SLO) | Mike Sponza (ITA) 

Steel Skateboards (USA) | An Harbor (ITA) | Matteo E Basta (ITA) | Diplomatics (ITA)

Krešo i Kisele Kiše (HR) | John Prasec (UK) | Blob Agency (ITA) | Nularse (ITA)

NoLicence (ITA) | Maximators (FR) | Nasty Monroe (ITA) | Loben (SLO)

Daniel Vezoja (SLO) | IndieMood (ITA) | Arteviva (ITA)

Nomotion (ITA) | Žiga Rustja (SLO) | Fiore (ITA) 

 List of respective clients and collaborations since January 2014

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